Coming soon – 1 day!!!!


7 thoughts on “Coming soon – 1 day!!!!

  1. Hi Emily, I think I have finally worked out how to follow someone’s blog and add it to the reading list on mine. I am learning heaps of new things on this 12WBT journey over and above stuff on diet and exercise, HR and Journalism – really interesting combo. I started in HR and it has given me heaps of great skills to build on.

    • Awesome work! It’s great to be able to read what everyone else is up to, very motivating at times and it’s nice to be able to comment and support other people.

      I’ve literally just started uni this year – I haven’t even done a HR subject yet! – but I’m really hoping that I do enjoy it. It’s been a bit of a tough road for me trying to figure out what I want to do but I do feel like I’m on the right track. The idea behind studying HR/Journalism is that I would like to work in HR (possibly recruitment) and have the skills/knowledge to pursue writing/creative avenues outside of work, and if nothing else it will show that I know how to write (I hear there can be a bit of report writing involved in HR?!).

      But then who knows, maybe Journalism will end up being my main focus or maybe I will change my mind completely haha.

      Thanks for your encouraging words 🙂 I can’t help getting nervous about all of that stuff and wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Only time will tell I guess, and in the meantime let’s lose some weight!

  2. Hi Emily! I just started uni this year also! I have been using the excuse “I have too much uni to do” for avoiding training ..!! So I think as the semester progresses being organised with assignments and study is going to be critical to doing with with the 12WBT. Really looking forward to starting in a few days time!!

    How have you been going with the pre-season tasks?

    • Nice! I have a uni-going buddy 🙂 What are you studying?

      I think my main issue has been that I have mostly later classes just due to a lack of planning on my part when it came time to enroll… so I have been doing a lot of sleeping in, then going to class and then oops! the gym is packed! I guess I can’t go! In the end I’ve actually cancelled my membership but I will be doing the 12WBT outdoors which I think I will quite enjoy 🙂

      It’s interesting timing actually because I have two assignments due this week and then nothing until exams and then holidays so my uni schedule will be fairly tame for this round.

      And I’m getting soo excited. The meal plan actually looks pretty awesome, one of the best things about it I think is that it involves bread and wraps and pizza and such. I think with diet plans I have tried previously I found myself constantly thinking “…but when can I eat bread again? Never? In 6 months?” and the restriction of it all really got to me.

      I’ve done most of the pre-season tasks just in a notebook. I have this pedantic thing about starting my blog posts on the first day because I’m a weirdo like that but I also have yet to do the fitness test and measurements… I’m saving them for the weekend, after all assignments are out of the way 🙂

      I can see that you’re right on top of all of your tasks 🙂 I hope that you find everything that you are looking for and more out of your 12WBT.

      Long comment is long but thanks for yours and I will catch you around 🙂

  3. I am studying Environmental Science! My workload is pretty light at the moment, but I tend to leave things to the last minute and then when things are due, forget everything else in my life (including housework and grocery shopping lol) and then once its done, I have a heap of stuff to catch up on, and exercise is last on the list, and I just grab quick and easy things to cook which are usually calorie packed 😦

    So! Here I am .. .its Week #1 Day #1 .. Time for a change! Really looking forward to following your 12WBT 🙂

    • I know the feeling! Hopefully you will be able to make a few things in advance and keep them in the freezer for those days 🙂

      Thank you! I’m really looking forward to sharing this 12WBT!

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