Weekly Challenge #1

Week 1 Challenge: Create an Inspiration Board

This is what I have come up with!

You can click on any of the images to make them bigger. None of these images are my own but each one really resonates with me. If you would like to pin these to your own board or find the original sources please head over to my 12WBT Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/emily_bee/my-12wbt/ .

Have you made your inspiration board yet?

I would love to see what you’ve put together!

~ encouragementandEmily


8 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #1

    • Thank you! Your board is indeed relevant! I love it! I was actually thinking about making a health/fitness Pinterest board at some stage during the 12WBT but then it was made a weekly challenge and I just thought “aha! I had better get on to it!”

  1. Love the board. That 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks pic is a good one. I tend to be easily disheartened unless I see instant results!

  2. I love all these sorts of things, I now have them plastered all over my fridge .. and pantry door .. and gym area .. When people come over they are going to thing I’m a nut case! Ha.. oh well!

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