The Week That Was

Week One is definitely, officially over; I can’t believe it!  I have gotten through six workouts, at least twenty-one calorie-balanced meals and have managed to survive the week relatively unscathed save for a couple of minor injuries involving failed attempts at over-bench jumps. It’s Monday night, Day One of Week Two and I wanted to post a short overview of my first week on the 12WBT, the week that was.

There have been some big positives, including:

  • I’m already noticing improvements in my fitness and I was able to pull some higher numbers/better times as the week progressed.
  • I actually enjoy running and leg-based workouts.
  • I lost 1kg in the Wednesday weigh-in, seeing my weight drop in to the 60’s for the first time in a couple of years (even if it was only by 100g).
  • I have been loving the food, and I have managed to keep hunger-related bouts of moodiness to about two (okay, maybe three or four… should I move this to the negatives column?) occurrences for the week.
  • I have been really enjoying meeting new people around the blogosphere and participating in the forums.
  • Capsicum. I’ve never really been crazy about the crunchy, bitter, little vegetable, and Hugh hates it so we have generally avoided it in the past. Now, for the most part, I’m adding capsicum to my meals where instructed and finding that it really lifts mild flavours and is very satisfying.
  • On Friday I realised that my outfit was matching!

IMG_0418Shirt, shoes and the sky.

In other news:

  • do not miss my Wednesday thighs, my quads were absolutely burning all day, between that and my sore glutes (read: bum) on Saturday I have been unable to sit down on the toilet properly all week, even today. I just have to wince and kind of flop down, not very graceful but hey, who am I trying to impress in there? Really?
  • Thursday was my really, really hungry day.
  • Push ups. End of story.
  • My shin is bruised from a failed over-bench jumping attempt. It is vaguely heart-shaped though so… yay?

I’m not sure which category to put this in but I had a couple of dreams during the week about cheating on the diet. Both times I woke up feeling guilty only to realise that I had just been dreaming, thankfully neither of the dreams was about marshmallows and my pillow was left uneaten.

Favourite Meal: Neither of us could decide but we have agreed that the tastiest was the Chicken Noodle Soup, the Beef Stroganoff was great for a hearty meal with a generous portion size, and we were both really impressed with the Roast Cinnamon Pumpkin and Feta Salad – if you haven’t tried it yet you should give it a go.

For the 12WBTers following me, some of my favourite forum topics from the week include:

  • Stroking the strog dog (beef stroganoff)
  • The surprising power of grunting
  • Before and Afters for the Newbies! Return members add yours here!
  • TIPS for keeping the food costs down
  • A list of things to do instead of binge eating

To view these just go to the forum page on the 12WBT website and type the above titles into the search bar.

Overall I had a really good week and I’m feeling positive. I hope that everyone is happy with their progress so far and ready for another week!

My goals for this week:

  • Get on top of exam prep – only three weeks to go!
  • Complete the Weekly Challenge of 300 push-ups for the week on top of the weekly exercise plan.

Can you tell me about some of your positives and negatives from Week One?

~ energyandEmily


18 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Great summary!

    I agree meeting new friendly, supportive and talented bloggers & following their journey has been a highlight 🙂
    For me, running the furthest I have for a few months was also up there, as was the relief I felt when I realised eating that strawberry Freddo was only a dream!
    Great post, all the very best for week 2. I’ll be cheering you on.

    • Thank you! That’s great to hear about your running; I’m only just realising how rewarding it is to run and I love that you notice the differences instantly, like going that bit further, holding yourself up that little bit higher, or things not hurting as much.

      Also I’m glad I’m not the only one having weird dreams about eating!!

  2. Sounds like a great week, congratulations! How good are the recipes?! I’ve been picking and choosing rather than strictly following the plans as I don’t mind having the same breakfast and lunch each day. I love the chicken soup! How good is it? I’ve already made another batch and portioned it up into the freezer. I had to improvise with the beef strogonoff because I forgot mushrooms (!) but it was delicious, I used half a can of beans and a carrot to bulk it up a bit. The sauce was delicious.
    Hope your week 2 is just as successful 🙂

    • So good! The chicken soup was a real winner here. I’m loving the idea of freezing up a whole batch, we froze just two serves last week and they were perfectly fine once re-heated. The stroganoff would have been nice with carrot and beans! You should definitely give it a go with mushrooms some time though!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful week!
    I also had massive bouts of moodiness and terrible ‘i cant do this’ times
    So proud that I did the 6 workouts and kept to the diet for 80% of the time.
    Really looking forwards to the cajiun fish tonight.
    Enjoy your week

    • Less ‘I can’t do this’ and more just being a stroppy pain in the bum to my boyfriend. He’s holding up okay though, I’m happy to report 🙂

      Also good work! I can still remember wondering if it was even possible for me to do 6 workouts for the week! I guess now that Week One is over we really have no excuse not to do the same for the next 11 weeks haha!

      We made the Cajun stew with chicken just for convenience sake and we were really happy with the flavour and the portion size. How did you (and your family) find it?

      • We all loved it, even Miss1 ate half of my lunch portion today
        I will be making this again and again, it is wicked comfort food.
        Also first meal I could actually taste in a while so all good n that front!

  4. It is great to hear you had such a successful week. i have been following more of the recipes than usual and am loving the variety in my diet. I love the Chicken Noodle Soup and the Beef Pie with Mushy Peas. We are making the Stroganoff this week, I am exciting after all the talk on the forums and facebook.
    Can’t wait to read about your week 2 x

    • The variety is probably one of the best parts about it, not only from day to day but also from week to week as we had gotten into a bit of a food-rut before starting the 12WBT. It’s nice to be able to make and try a whole range of things, and to find new flavours/combinations that we like.

  5. A very positive week 1 summary! Well done! My favourite thing would have to be the food. My least favourite things would have to be the prepping, the pain and my scale’s reluctance to move despite me sticking to everything without fail 😦 All the best for week 2!!

    • Thank you! The pain will subside soon! Sorry that I can’t say the same about the prepping, but it is worth it. Also have you gotten your scales to stop trying to make conversation with you and actually tell you your weight?

  6. So happy to read you had a good week. 🙂

    Positive- My Husband said he can notice a change in my body. YAY!
    I was able to start my meal plan on friday and the food is delicious!
    Negative- I still can’t see it. 😦
    I had to start the meal plan late due to location.

  7. Oh man, I wish I enjoyed running.

    + Sticking to the nutrition plan (albeit customised) and making good choices when away from my normal routine
    – Have not woken up early to exercise since Tuesday of Week 1! Finding it really hard to get back into that one.

    • Maybe you will end up enjoying running by the end of the 12 weeks? I’m hoping that is what happens with me and push ups after the weekly challenge… though it might take a bit longer than that haha.

      I hope that being able to make good choices away from your routine has helped to build your confidence a bit. It is something that we will all have to tackle at some point.

      Winter mornings are the hardest! You will figure out what works best for you 🙂

  8. I love your post. What a great summary.

    I have to disagree though. The pumpkin and feta with cinnamon was one of the few meals that didn’t go down well with me (or my family)… and I tried re-heating it several times.

    but capsicum… oh my yummy.

    • Thank you! Now that I think about it we actually substituted the walnuts for pine nuts which we really like (and they taste so good roasted). At first I was skeptical because I generally like some sort of dressing with my salads (balsamic vinegar, lemon, etc) but I don’t know, we made it fresh and the flavours just worked really well for us. Each to their own though, I’m finding that the things I don’t like are some of the favourites on the forums heh.

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