Week Three and Me

At the beginning of Week Three I was feeling… complacent, I think for the most part I just felt like I couldn’t be bothered exercising. From browsing the forums and other blogs I know that I’m not alone in feeling like the sparkle has started to dull a bit. Regardless, I’ve pushed through, I did all of my workouts, ate all of my good food and I’m feeling a bit better now and ready to keep pushing forward.

A few tidbits from the past week:

  • 100g loss on the scales this week, I wasn’t too worried as I know that I have been sticking to the program but I did have to chase just a couple of niggling, negative thoughts away with a big, pointy stick.
  • It’s been a pretty rainy week here in Brisbane so we have done all of our exercises at home, surprisingly we didn’t even have to change to the “home” program. We have a good pole to do towel pulls on, stairs for low steps and a table for step ups, so yeah.
  • Subsequently, we discovered the motivational powers of music. Normally the only soundtrack to our workouts is traffic or my beautiful voice blabbing on about this or that thing. Exercise makes me really chatty for some reason, probably a combination of fresh air, energy and lots of thoughts. Doing the exercises at home we just had a “popular” soundtrack playing from a music streaming website and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem came on as we were about to start planking, an oldie but a goodie. About 30 seconds into our plank Hugh comes out with this gem, “Are you even planking? Oh, you normally complain more by now,” to which I replied “Sorry I’m just too busy singing.”
  • I found out that when Hugh was younger he called pickled onions “pickled yum yums.” Adorable.
  • Excuse me but when did we start doing 5 minute super sets? I do not approve!
  • We didn’t do any exercise on Thursday, it honestly just kind of happened. I don’t even have an excuse for it but we ended up doing both Thursdays and Fridays exercises on Friday.
  • I went to the movies on Saturday night to see a special screening of Doctor Who. I popped my own popcorn and packed a punnet of cherry tomatoes to snack on! This was a big positive for me even though I had to use our super weird dinosaur popcorn maker:


  • I jogged non-stop for 5 minutes during a warm up! Up hills and everything. The program said that I could take breaks but I just wanted to keep going. Mind you, I was “jogging” at a snail pace at some points but still. I didn’t think I would be able to do it without stopping.
  • Hugh and I have started laughing and winking at each other during Sumo Squats – Pulses and Hamstring Curls – Bench. This has been highly amusing.
  • I visited Nandos for the first time since starting the program for my treat meal (my “last supper” for the program was Nandos if that gives you any indication of how I feel about it). I had a Classic Chicken Pita (Extra Hot – 326 calories), no drinks and didn’t even have one chip! It was ridiculously satisfying.
  • No Food Photo Friday for Week Three! Overall we enjoyed the meals for the week but they just weren’t overly photogenic (Dhal, anyone?). Not to worry though! I already have quite a few snaps for this week.
  • I set up a Pen Pal Project for 12WBTers!
  • I had my hair cut to clean up my messy little mane that you have all seen previously, I ended up with a new style that I quite like.
  • I finally got my hands on Mish’s One Active hoodie (and proceeded to take selfies)!! I also picked up a new training bra/crop top, the red one, I really like the black one but this one looks so nice.

Week 3 Challenge: It’s time to STEP UP!

Monday: 200
Tuesday: 100
Wednesday: 200
Thursday: 0
Friday: 0
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 0

Total: 500/800

We really came out all guns blazing on this week’s challenge; at first we weren’t sure what the height of the steps were meant to be so we did our first 200 on park benches which hurt like crazy. Both of us were thinking “now THIS is a challenge.”  By Wednesday we were feeling pretty cocky about our numbers “300 more to go? What a cinch.” The no-exercise Thursday came and went, we were knackered after our big Friday and Saturday and we really wanted a proper break on Sunday. Excuses, I know. I’ll bust out those extra few hundred this week. We’ve also been avoiding those park benches, opting for this table on the deck which I’m surprised hasn’t broken on us:


In the meantime, I’m really excited about the Week Four challenge! We were secretly hoping for a non-exercise challenge this week but also I’m a total foodie so I’m jumping at the chance to try new things. At first I thought it would be a little difficult to find things I haven’t eaten without resorting to eating brains or something but one trip to the markets on Saturday morning fixed that right up! Here’s my loot:


You probably recognise a few of these things, “Is that pineapple?” I can hear you asking… I don’t know, is it? I have a few non-vegetable/non-fruit things to try as well. This is going to be a fun week!

Stay tuned!

Favourite Meals:

The stand out for the week for me was the Hoisin Beef Stir-Fry with Spring Vegetables, I ended up having it twice and I definitely plan on having it again soon. I was pleasantly surprised by the Apple Muesli, it wasn’t *amazing* but it wasn’t bad and it kept me full for ages after breakfast. We both really liked the Dhal, I noticed that there have been mixed reviews about it but yeah, the only thing I could say against it was that it really sits in your stomach for a while after… not necessarily in a good way. We had it with a warmed pita pocket both times which was nice, like having our own little naan bread. Lastly, we really enjoyed the Spinach & Two-Cheese Omelette on Saturday morning. However, due to our lack on non-stick pans at the time it was more of a “Mess of Spinach, Two-Cheeses and Egg” but it was still really nice.

I’ve mentioned it before but corn thins really are the best snacks, I was happy to see them featured a fair bit on this weeks meal plan.

My goals this week:

  • Keep on studying away – first exam this coming Saturday!
  • Try at least seven new foods for the Weekly Challenge!
  • Take lots of photos.

How was everyone else’s Week Three?

Do you have any favourite work out songs? Actually, if you run and listen to music you should look up Basshunter – Now You’re Gone. It has a great rhythm.

Have you taken your own snacks somewhere?

How did you go with the step up challenge?

Are you excited about trying new foods in Week Four?

~ energyandEmily


25 thoughts on “Week Three and Me

  1. Hi Emily
    I love your blog and beautiful photos. It is inspiring hearing / reading your journey. Writing a blog is a secret desire I have! Maybe you and michelle bridges will get me started! Keep up the great work and be kind to the Dinosaur. Sam

  2. You’re a total champ! Love the hoodie and the selfies and the popcorn/tomatoes idea. If you can manage all this with exams looming imagine what you can do when life is ‘normal’ again. Great work indeed Emily.

  3. Good on you for pushing thru! Sounds like u had a great week despite how u were feeling, imagine what would happen without a little slump! Enjoy the new foods, looking forward to seeing the creations!!

  4. Hi young lady. Good on your for exercising (I’m happy to overlook Thursday given your rest of week!) and for your movie snacks and Nando’s ‘treat’!

    Funny you should talk about music. The one thing that I’ve missed a I’ve ‘run’ about the ‘hood is music. The iphone is too big for me to want to strap to my arm, and so I just bought one of those little ipod nano thingies last week. It’s still sitting in its box because I’m too intimidated by a little computer to try to transfer my music to it. I have to pump myself up more to do that than to run!

    You are looking really good. Your smile definitely compliments your blog. Keep it up and imagine how broadly you will be smiling in Week 12?!

    • Hey I did my Thursday exercises on Friday so I should be forgiven for that! I’m no good with iTechnology either but good luck!!

      Thank you for your kind comments (and the one below), I’m definitely hoping that the oxygen and energy will give me that extra boost!

  5. How good is the hoodie?! And I figured you were in Brisbane from the citycat in your top photo, and now Rocklea markets as well haha.. I live not far from there 🙂

      • Not as much as I used to 😦 Shopping day is now Sundays because I hardly cook on the weekend and all the fresh stuff doesn’t last a whole week! I’m thinking of trying the Boggo Road markets as they’re on a Sunday..

  6. I think I will not so much try new foods, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to make new recipes. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and mix and match to the oldies but goodies. I’m going to break outand go wild !!! 🙂

    Love reading the tidbits, a fantastic roundup. And I call any loss a good loss, it’s going in the right direction. My hat goes off to you for the step ups, I sucked at that too! I just like to keep on running!! Except I can’t run to music. I hate having to slow or fasten my pace up to the song. I have tried and didn’t like it. I’m preferring to run, listen to my heavy breathing (LOL) and talking to the cows and sheep as I run past.

    Looking forward to the Pen Pal project.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that’s why they set the challenge in the first place 😉 I do know the feeling though, that’s what we were doing before I started this. Just picking the same few dinners every week. We were happy enough but I was definitely ready for a reason to try some new recipes. I can’t wait to see what you think! There are some really good ones 🙂

      Thank you! You’re right about the loss, plus I *know* that I’ve been sticking to the program so my body has still been benefiting. Also I understand where you’re coming from, we enjoy just running and talking. We don’t have cows and sheep though haha!

      Me too! I can’t post too much about it on the forums but will do a “Last chance” post on the weekend to hopefully recruit some more people. There are a few already though 🙂 enough to have a nice little group doing it.

  7. your popcorn maker is giving me goosebumps…. 😀

    Enjoy the Poom’s, my sister has a tree that is overflowing with them so trying to think up good ideas so they don’t go to waste

  8. So cute Emily! I love girls with short hair, for obvious reasons…
    I really did laugh out loud at your dinosaur, what a crack up.
    I like to run to the Whip It soundtrack, gets me pumped!
    Oh, and I popped a banana in my handbag on Friday night to go to the pub… oh dear!
    DW love ❤

    • Thank you! I see what you did there 😛
      It is the weirdest thing but Hugh loves it, apparently it used to wear a cap. Can you even imagine it?
      Oooooh I will look that up!
      Omg I actually laughed out loud. That is adorable! Also…
      Always take a banana to a party; bananas are good 😉

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