Week Four and More

My priorities have been shuffled around a bit this week; exam prep > 12WBT prep, which means that I have been a bit less organised than usual. I didn’t not have time I just managed it a little less efficiently and had to work on getting the 12WBT to fit into my life (rather than the other way around) a little more than usual. There was a little bit of complacency still hanging around from Week Three at the beginning of the week but I’m feeling really good now. I feel like having to work things out on-the-go this week has helped me to realise that I have really taken on a new way of thinking.

My big positives this week:

  • I lost 700g this week! Bringing my progress tracker to a strange place where my stats are all in matching numbers… 4.4 loss overall, 6.6 to go and my weight is now 66.6.
  • Wednesday night meant watching State of Origin with my family; we’re not big into football but it was a good excuse to get together. I knew that they were planning to order pizza so I bought everything that I needed to make my Creamy Wholemeal Pasta Bake. I had accepted the fact that there would be pizza and that I would not be eating it but I had forgotten about soft drink, garlic bread, herb bread, apple pie, and biscuits with tea. I’m so comfortable around my family that I felt like I could have just joined them for a couple of slices, some garlic bread, and a drink and not even thought about. Nevertheless, I persevered, thankfully my pasta bake, while a little bit bland, was quite filling and that’s all that I had for the night.
  • Hugh was away visiting his parents for a couple of nights during the week which meant that I had to do my first partner-less work out session. I know, have a whinge, right?! Most of you probably exercise alone everyday; but I don’t, and neither does my “inner teenager” who pulled a bit of a tantrum. I decided to JFDI; I put together a little workout mix on the music-streaming website and busted that session out, singing (horribly) at the top of my lungs, and dancing between sets. It was actually crazy good to do a session by myself, it allowed me to realise how much stronger my body has gotten, have a bit fun and a bit of me-time as well.
  • This alone-time also lead me to try to do my first push up on my toes…followed by my second… then my third…
  • The Pen Pal Project sign ups closed last night with 20 participants!! Everyone will be getting an email with their pairing by Wednesday!

In other news:

  • We didn’t exercise on Tuesday; I came home from studying and made the mistake of casually lying down in bed. I fell asleep, Hugh joined me and we slept until 11pm, at which time we got up, ate toast and went back to sleep. Oh! But this meant that we could wake up at 5am to go on our first early-morning run before Hugh left for the few days! However, it also meant that I felt a little bloated for weigh-in, but if it affected the results at all it will all even out for next week. This time I didn’t make up for the exercise the following day because I figured that I must have really needed the sleep.
  • On Friday night Hugh was home again and was nice enough to make the Beef Fillet with Roast Pumpkin, Beetroot and Spinach for dinner while I was studying. He came into the study to let me know that dinner was ready, I quickly finished up what I was doing while he checked something on his computer, for literally 30 seconds. I walked into the dining room first and saw the cat (Hugh’s sisters but lives with us) eating something on the floor and I didn’t really think much about it until I looked up at the table and Hugh’s steak was missing!! The little bugger had jumped on the chair and stolen it! I actually still can’t believe it, I’ve never seen her do anything like that before. Thankfully, Hugh’s dad (who had come back with Hugh for the weekend) had friends over and they had just ordered pizza so he was able to have some of that instead but yeah, crazy!
  • Exams have officially begun so stress levels have been a little higher than usual but they will be over soon!
  • We didn’t exercise on Friday BUT…

BIG POSITIVE: This one deserved its own section. I was ready to write this post, tail between my legs, and tell you guys that I had only exercised three times in Week Four, but it was okay! I had an exam on a Saturday, I was tired, I had been studying, I was stressed, and I took some days off to get myself back together. All good! On the bus on the way home from my exam I decided that, no, it wasn’t all good, and that I would JFDI. I did my Friday session alone at home while Hugh was at work (second session by myself!!) with my singing and dancing, then we smashed out our SSS together when he got home (minus the hill intervals though) and went to bed feeling tired and sore but happy, and with my head more in the game than ever.

My Stats Update

I did my very first fitness test the Saturday before the round started so I decided to do my Week Four fitness test yesterday rather than earlier in the week as I wanted to properly capture the changes over the four weeks.

Firstly! Here are my updated stats:


I ran for the whole 1km! I was so happy, and now I get to have a massage sometime this week for completing my Mini Milestone! I don’t really know what else to say, I’m really happy with all of my time trials and still can’t believe that I can even do one push up on my toes, let alone 6! Also 6cm smaller on my hips and 5cm on my thighs is pretty awesome too, right? I don’t know really how to read these numbers but I can see that they are dropping.

Here are my first pictures from four weeks ago:

And here are my pictures from yesterday:

I’m really happy with the results so far and I can see lots of changes.

Week 4 Challenge: Try a NEW food!

I’ve already told you how much of a foodie I am and I loved this challenge; I loved reading about what everyone was trying, and what they thought about the new foods, as well as trying new foods myself. I really enjoyed the new learning experiences even if I didn’t love all of the food.

This week, for the first time, I tried:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Pineapple with Cottage Cheese
  3. Short black espresso
  4. Dragonfruit
  5. Okra
  6. Lobok
  7. Persimmon
  8. Fresh pomegranate

And technically I also tried apple/strawberry puree, the combination of curried egg and peanut butter, peanut butter with cottage cheese on toast and tinned salmon for the first time too.

Oh! And the massive, purple thing in my photo last week was a Banana Flower, I was excited to try it but they go off very quickly and we just didn’t find the time early in the week. I tried to find them again at the markets but to no avail!

Here’s the photo evidence:

foodweek4-7299So Quinoa, or as I like to refer to it: “KeenWAHHHHH” (with accompanying karate hands) was interesting; I had a little bit of trouble cooking it at first and it tasted like… porridge, sort of? A little bland but nice as well. Also, overall the dish was nice but I might heat up the milk next time.



foodweek4-7336I’ve tried both Cottage Cheese and Pineapple separately before but through my research for the Week Four challenge I re-discovered a little list called ‘100 Foods to Eat Before You Die,’ give it a Google if you’re curious! Pineapple and Cottage Cheese, of all things, is on this list along-side foods such as Eggs Benedict, Haggis and Honeycomb. I thought that I had better give it a go.  My pineapple was a bit tart which I think threw it off a bit but it was nice enough. I might try it again one day with a sweeter pineapple.


foodweek4--3I spent a few days this week studying at my favourite cafe – Ltd; a small espresso and brew bar in Fortitude Valley. My espresso was good, you could really taste the flavours in the coffee but at the same time it was like a punch in the face haha. I think I will stick to my usual flat white in the future.


foodweek4-7402Firstly, I was surprised by the red centre as I was expecting it to be the white-centred variety, also I really couldn’t tell if was a little bit over-ripe or not but I gave it a go. I would really like to try it again to get a better idea of how the flavours change but it was like the texture and taste of a watermelon crossed with a pear but not sweet, and then so much like kiwi fruit because of the seeds. Really interesting but a bit weird.

Side note: Observe the glory that is socks with thongs! Judge all you want, I have warm feet, and I don’t get stuff stuck to my socks!



Okay so we stir-fried the Okra and Lobok together in the Hoisin Beef Stir-Fry with Spring Vegetables, I wish I had taken prep photos of the Lobok but oh well. It’s those two, translucent semi-circles hanging off the Snow Pea under the Okra in the first picture. Also I honestly couldn’t taste anything when I ate it so I might have to give it another try sometime. The Okra however… someone told me that they hate it and that it’s slimy but I quite liked it. Imagine a red chili, sliced thick and cooked but with no spice. It had that same background flavour and a similar kind of texture but without the heat. Really interesting.


Persimmon tasted like apricot and mango mixed together, and was quite mushy. I read somewhere that you can make nice preserves out of Persimmons, I’d like to give that a try one day.


Pomegranate was really nice! You can only eat the juicy bit around the outside of the tiny seeds so there wasn’t much to taste at first. However, a good table spoon of juice was squeezed out of them when I scraped the seeds out with a spoon. It was like Cranberry Juice but sweeter and less dry.

foodweek4-7352Breakfast Crumble with Cinnamon Yoghurt. I just used regular muesli but I think it would have gone really well with a bit of a crunch. Nice, simple little breakfast.

foodweek4-7343Satay Egg, Carrot and Cucumber Corn Thins.

foodweek4-7371Late-night dinner concoction. It wasn’t bad but it mostly just tasted like Peanut Butter.

week4I really wasn’t looking forward to the tinned salmon after reading a few reviews; in the end it was like tinned tuna… but salmon. We decided that we liked the meal but that we would rather have tinned tuna.

foodweek4-7405Also! We finally managed a runny, boiled egg!!

Favourite Meals

There wasn’t any one meal that stood out as a favourite this week but I really enjoyed trying the Satay Egg, Carrot and Cucumber Corn Thins, Grilled Lamb with Pumpkin and Pine Nuts, Corn Thins with Mexican Tomato Salsa and the Beef Fillet with Roast Pumpkin, Beetroot and Spinach (sorry Hugh!).  Also the Breakfast Crumble with Cinnamon Yoghurt was nice for a quick and easy breakfast.

My goals this week:

  • Finish my exams!
  • In bed by 9:30 every night for the Weekly Challenge – I’m not as excited about this challenge, I am honestly one of those people who just functions better at night but I will give it a good shot!

Can you tell me about some of your positives and negatives from Week Four?

Have you ever tried Dragonfruit, Persimmon, Pomegranite or Okra before?

What were your favourite meals this week?

Let me know!

~ energyandEmily


20 thoughts on “Week Four and More

  1. Sounds like a pretty good week, with losses in kg’s and cm’s. Great work! And I think you’ve been the most adventurous with your new food challenge… I’ve tried pomegranate just before 12wbt, I made a rhubarb and pomegranate cobbler, it was delicious, but a little messy and time consuming getting all the bits of pomegranate out of the fruit itself! Perhaps after 12wbt I’ll have to try and make up a healthy version of that cos it was certainly tasty. Have a great week.

    • Thanks! I went on a proper hunt around the markets to find things that I hadn’t tried before. It turns out there was a lot more than I thought! Pomegranate and rhubarb cobbler sounds divine! I would love to give that recipe a try. I’m wondering the same as Cass though, do the seeds stay in?

  2. Awesome progress pictures!! You’re doing so well, fitting the program in around your life – that’s a long term change you can sustain 🙂
    p.s. join us on the dark (coffee) side for good, it’s funnnnnnn!

  3. I have never tried any of those fruits before. Might keep a look out in the shops.
    I exercise by myself all the time and I love having that one hour in the mornings to myself. Though I must admit, it is also nice to go for a evening walk with my partner. I can’t imagine exercising with him though (he has a physical job and doesn’t exercise outside of that).
    Great progress too BTW – flatter stomach, smaller thighs and your waist goes in a bit more too!

  4. I think you know what my favourite dish of the week was! That scrumdiddlyumptious beef, pumpkin & prune tagine. It was the best. However I also revisited a childhood nemesis: Brussels sprouts, but faced my fear, roasted and char grilled them and they can actually be delicious. Kale chips was another food I tried. Well done on your losses – you’re shrinking! And also well done on getting your exercise done. It can be hard sometimes and especially when studying and doing exams. So give yourself a big pat on the back for persevering. Here’s to a great week 5! And now off to bed – it’s almost 9.30pm! 🙂

    • I still haven’t had the beef yet!! I will have to let you know how it goes on Thursday night! Do you have a particular recipe that you used for your brussel sprouts?

      Thank you, and goodnight! 🙂

  5. Oh wow, I can see the difference in the pics! well done!

    & yeay for your solo workouts & not eating pizza & for trying new food!
    Quinoa, I found I had to cook for longer, with more water than recommended…

    I love, love, love your blogs. Thanks for the updates!

    • Thank you for all of your kind comments! We ended up doing the same thing with the Quinoa, but then there was too much water! We had to drain it through some paper towel. Were you making a single serving?

  6. Love all the food pics! You have definitely been adventurous with trying all those different foods 🙂 Your progress pics look great! Must be good to see your hard work is paying off.

  7. You did so well with the new food challenge! I wish I could report being so adventurous.
    The dragonfruit looks really tasty!
    Also progress pic’s…. fantastic work 😉

  8. Really well done Emily. Can really see the changes in your before and current photos – especially in your face. Great results and you deserve them, you have been very diligent. Loooove your photos, you’re a great photographer. Kat.

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