Week One and Then Some

It was a bit of a funny Week One for me. I made the decision early in the week to change to the ‘Advanced: Lean and Strong’ program but had to sort out some gym membership stuff before I could properly start the exercise side of things. For anyone not familiar with ‘Lean and Strong’, we are encouraged to give up cardio for the first few weeks as it can affect the maintenance of lean muscle. It was a bit of tough decision for me as I have really found a love for running and have enjoyed training with the running club.

In the end however, I want to make the most of the opportunity I was given to be able to go to a gym through the two month Fernwood membership I received. I’m hoping to be able to save up during that time to buy a gym membership outright. Also, the closest Fernwood to my house is about twenty-five minutes away on the bus so I figure it’s a good excuse to wake up early and exercise, and hopefully this will help me to plan my days out a bit better.

A big thanks to Chelsea for answering my thousand questions about the Lean and Strong program this week.

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Kate‘s book (I just want to call you Poppy, like all of the time) and plan out each week on a weekly calendar. I keep a diary/planner but I’ve been a bit slack with my study lately, and I keep forgetting what day it is, so having the visual of the week planned out on my wall will be helpful I think. I need to invest in some cooler stickers though.

photo (12)

There is so much more to update you all about, and it’s only been just over a week! Let’s see…


I joined the 4km run with the running club for the first time on Monday. I was determined to do it without stopping/walking and I ended up doing it in 22:54 mins, I had previously struggled through the 2km course so I was pretty happy with that. It was a great way to start the round, that’s for sure.

Following this, and after reading this post from CocoButter, I decided to sign up to Bridge to Brisbane, which is a 10km course held on the first of September. As previously mentioned, I’m not going to be able “train” for it but I know that I can run at least 4km now and I will have some good leg muscles by then. I’m determined to run the whole way. I’m pretty excited too, it will be my first real running event; I did participate in the Bridge to Brisbane last year but it was because my workplace at the time was paying for entry. I walked for most of it as I was fairly unfit at the time.

Bikram Yoga:

I finally tried Bikram yoga for the first time on Thursday morning. I didn’t really know what to make of it; it was hard but I made it through the whole set and felt pretty great for the next few days. First-timers pay $20 for unlimited attendance over seven days, so I went again last night, but this time instead of seven or so other people, there was more like forty people in the one, heated room. I ended up only getting through about half of the routine before having to lie down, and then I just couldn’t get my heart rate down. I think I was fairly close to either throwing up, passing out or having a panic attack at one point. I ended up being told to sit by the window (which had to be opened because there were so many people) because my arms, hands and lips were tingling. It was a bit crazy but everyone was really supportive and I re-hydrated with the tastiest coconut water of my life afterwards.

On Lean and Strong, the stretching day is on Wednesday so I’m planning to go back again tomorrow morning to make the most of my first week. I’m still really unsure about how I feel about Bikram in general, though strangely enough my experience last night didn’t really deter me from it. Either way, I don’t think it’s something I will be doing more than once a week, especially coming into Summer.

Oh, I had also just done my first weights session and the running club swim session that morning so I may have just overdone it a bit for the day. Oops.

Have you ever tried Bikram before?

Other news:

In other news, I tried on a pair of shorts that I guess you could have called my “goal shorts” for Round 2 and they fit really well.  I was fairly surprised as I’ve been struggling to see how much my body has really changed, despite all of the pictures and clothes fitting differently, etc. I wish I had taken “before” photos in them but oh well. Oh!! and my toes are still cherry red from finale (albeit, chipping a bit) and I wanted to mention that they make me feel like a total, certified woman. Weird, right?

Also, I was offered to have my fat percentage calculated at the gym, I’m really not sure how accurate it was, and I actually have fat-percentage-calculating scales at home now but I hope that it will be able to give me a good idea of the changes going on in my body throughout the program. I haven’t set up my scales yet but according to the ones at the gym, my body fat percentage is 23% which is is apparently fairly normal for your average person, but as an “athlete” I should be looking to get under 20% by the end of the round. Interesting to know. I would like to get a DEXA scan one day but they are a bit expensive.

I’m also thinking about changing my degree to start studying Nutrition.

Red Flag Days:

This weekend I will be heading back down to Sydney, which is officially where I fell off the rails last round. I absolutely know that things will go differently this time; I will have a glass of wine, I will eat some good food, but I will remain mindful and in control.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and just from what I’ve written above I have a few for this round:

  • To have under 20% body fat percentage by the end of the round, I actually have no idea about the timing with these kind of results but we’ll see how I go
  • To run/jog/shuffle the entire 10km for Bridge to Brisbane
  • To do at least one unassisted chin up by the end of the round
  • Organise my week every Sunday
  • Be strong/confident enough in my weight-lifting to possibly join the (fairly male-centric) local gym in two months
  • Complete the whole 12WBT and remain active on this blog, no falling off the face of the planet this time

As part of the general “Welcome” gym stuff this morning I was asked to make a 12 month goal. This is just something that I always avoid doing but being directly asked the question made me really think. I ended up realising that my 12 month goal is to still be a fit/active/healthy person. I want to be someone who goes to the gym and runs and exercises in general because that’s my lifestyle, that’s what I love and enjoy, not because I don’t like myself or because I’m trying to lose weight again. I want to still be smashing personal goals and personal bests, being the very best version of myself and meet amazing, inspirational people (like you lot).

Let’s do this thing.

~ energyandEmily


15 thoughts on “Week One and Then Some

  1. Heya
    I haven’t tried Bikram yoga and I have a few friends that rave about it – but I don’t think it’s for me. Plus I either have low blood pressure or low blood sugar (yet to talk to the Dr)….and I know I would be susceptible to getting dizzy and fainting.
    You can still run under 5km at a time (so I have heard) but I would do that at the opposite end of the day. You can definitely run in the last 4 weeks to encourage fat loss (and with fat loss comes muscle loss, just hopefully more fat 😉 )
    I didn’t know your gym trial was at Fernwood – I know what machine they use and it’s probably fairly accurate. Dexa are the most accurate…just be warned if you ever step on a different body fat reading machine, it will be different. Just brace yourself 🙂
    I think that’s all from me, oh and I like your one year goal

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they took my blood pressure at the gym as well and it is low. Maybe that’s why I almost passed out on Monday night?
      Yeah I did see that somewhere about the 5km but 4km is the best I’ve done, so I was thinking that it might take more effort for me to do 4km than someone else?
      Yeah they give out a free 21 day trial for 12WBTers but I won a 2 month membership, I guess because they are a sponsor of the program. They do have nutrition sessions for people who pay extra for them so I was thinking their scales should be fairly accurate for that. It will be interesting to see what my home ones say, I should have set them up for today.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Wow, you have been busy getting into round 3!

    Anything under a 6min km is really good so you did that 4km in a smoking time! I would caution on the 10km run from having only done 4km. The general rule is to increase by no more than 10% a week on you distance so take it easy on yourself and maybe walk/ run the 10km or you could risk injury.

    I haven’t tried bikram. I love normal yoga but that sounded a little scarey! Like you say, you probably just did too much in the one day.

    Looking hot in those shorts! Your legs and tum have great shape too them, nice and smooth. That’s what I want to get to. I’m still a bit lumpy!!!

    Good luck for Sydney. No doubt you’ll do better this time. You’re stronger, and remember that all healthy food is good so you can indulge a little on the good stuff and go easy on the rest. When you get back you can always sort outpost break gains pretty quickly because they haven’t settled in yet – that’s my theory anyway (and experience after the Gold Coast break we had)

    I’m with you on that 12mth goal – lets make it a lifestyle! With you all the way 🙂 Kat

    • Thank you for your comments and concerns! I’ll make sure to take it easy on the 10km, though I still think I’m going to aim to jog/shuffle the whole way; if I start feeling sick or too sore I will ease off 🙂

      Sydney went well! I’m just working on some assignment things this week but I was back in the gym yesterday and feeling good 🙂

  3. Great opening week, I love the weekly planner I’m thinking next year I’ll need something like that to keep me on track.
    I’m loving your plan for fernwood, and let me tell you now I just go and do my weights with the boys, stopped caring what anyone else thought even though I frequent a very ‘beautiful people’ gym. After I got confident enough to do my thing I just tuned everyone else out.
    Good luck with Sydney, but your about 10 weeks too early for finale….
    Loving those shorts!
    Have a kick ass week 😀

    • That’s very cool, I need work on that confidence! Also, I know!! I don’t know if I will be able to make it to finale (fingers crossed) but I was still trying to scope out where the Convention Centre was when I was down there haha

      Thank you!

      I hope you have been having a good week so far x

  4. I am feeling the awesome just emanating from my computer screen! Firstly, that’s awesome about L&S. I’d love to do it next, but not sure about the money situation. I was a member at Fernwood years ago, at uni and before I live in Japan. I went to Sunnybank and then Underwood. I loved it, especially the complimentary breakfast! A 25 minute bus ride is pretty crazy though, I’d be afraid I’d just roll over and go back to sleep 😉
    Good luck with the B2B, I was thinking about doing it next year (again, if I can afford it). There’s no 10km event in Mackay that I can find for when I finish this round, which sucks a bit. I hope you get to keep running a little, maybe even just once a week?
    You look great in those pictures! Cute shorts!
    What are you currently studying? Nutrition would be super interesting, and obviously pretty lucrative these days.
    I love your 12 month goal, too. I share it. I just want to be this fit motivated person for good!!
    And you can call me Poppy anytime 😀

    • Hopefully you will be able to do the next round! If not, download all of the exercises and if you have any trouble I can help 🙂 Fernwood has been pretty good, I like that the weights area is fairly quiet and I feel pretty comfortable there. I know that I won’t be able to afford the membership after my time runs out though, but that’s okay, it has been a good place to start L&S, I think.

      Also, yeah if I don’t get up and at ’em when I’m meant to it takes a fair chunk of my day to get there, work out and get back to the city/home. I organise EVERYTHING ready to go the night before so I can just roll out of bed and go 😛

      So did you used to live in Brisbane? When did you move? Did you move for work?

      I’ve actually decided to at least run this week in the lead up to B2B, and I might go for a small run every week after that depending on assignments, etc. If you do B2B next year I can do it with you 😀

      I’m studying Business; I have previously finished my Diploma of Business so it felt like a good idea but I’m just not sure it’s what I want to be doing. I think I’m going to give Nutrition a go and see how I like it 🙂 I think it will be really interesting.

      Let’s be fit, motivated people together! 😀

  5. Loving the goals Emily. And you’ll enjoy Fernwood. When I lived in Geelong many years ago I went to Fernwood and it was great. and soooooo glad you are blogging and will survive (and enjoy) Sydney, because you are able to do both.

    • It’s been really nice so far 🙂 I will only be able to go there for a couple of months but it’s a nice way to make the transition into L&S, I think. I’m definitely still blogging and I officially survived Sydney! We had a good time but now we’re back and still on top of things!

      I hope you’ve been well! I’ve been loving your Instagram posts 🙂

  6. Looking fab!

    Also, good work on trying Bikram. I really disliked it (too crowded, too hot, too repetitive) but then found hot flow yoga (shorter, mixed routines, not so hot) and fell in love so maybe add that to the ‘Maybe Try’ list? xx

    • Thank you! There is a place not too far from me called “Flex Hot Yoga” which I think might have classes similar to what you’re talking about. I’m hoping to give that a go soon 🙂

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