Touching Base

Another weird week for me and it hasn’t even finished. We got back from Sydney on Sunday night, and after a big sleep in on Monday I am happy to report that I was right back to the gym and even joined my running group in an effort to “warm up” for Sunday’s Bridge to Brisbane. Following this however, I had a couple of off days that I wanted to write a quick update about.

A couple of things threw the week off a bit from the beginning; I had an assignment due on Wednesday and we haven’t had time this week between Sydney and study to go grocery shopping. I skipped my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts in favour of completing my assignment, and I’m okay with that, I think it’s important for me to be priorising. The concern came with noticing the come-back of the “feeling like something extra” after dinner, then the pizza we ate on Tuesday night, the chocolate on Wednesday, and the sleeping in yesterday instead of working out.

I ended up going to the gym yesterday afternoon and made the commitment to wake up with my alarm this morning, which I did, and I’m feeling a lot more on top of things now. Hugh and I had a delicious and relaxing brunch this morning and I’m sitting here now with my aching triceps and shoulders, and feeling good.

I’m on 1500 calories now, and while it’s a nice change, it feels a lot like “indulging’ even though it’s what I’m meant to be on with Lean and Strong and I think I let that feeling of “ooh I’m being naughty” get the better of me with some of my choices over the week.

Additionally, there has been a lot of information posted on the Lean and Strong Facebook page that’s been messing my head around a bit. I completely understand people at a higher level are looking for new ways to train and new ideas about eating for results but right now, in my early stages of Lean and Strong, I need to focus on trusting and following the program.

Subsequently, my 12WBT goals for Week 4 are short and sweet, and as follows:

  • No chocolate (except in protein bars) or ice cream
  • Stick to 1500 cals
  • Wake up and go to the gym when I plan to

As I said, I’m feeling much better today but I wanted to put this out there. I’m also taking tomorrow off because I’ve got the Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday, and I’m going to spend the day cooking up a storm. The Week 4 meal plan looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to getting back into routine.

I hope you are all doing well x

~ energyandemily


8 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. I hear you, I’ve had a similar experience this week – not shopping, not exercising, and struggling with the desire (and giving in to) something sweet after eating! Have subsequently decided I need to follow Michelle’s menu plans again, starting with my Wk4 from round 2. For me it’s been a case of thinking about the program like something that is now ‘finished’ and therefore things go back to ‘normal’. Problem is my normal got me where I was and the program needs to become my new lifestyle. Tough one. A mindset issue for me.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I’m feeling like things should be more “normal” now, I mean I’m definitely living a more active lifestyle but unfortunately “normal” eating-wise still involves a slightly relaxed willpower muscle. I’m glad you’ve got a plan for moving forward and I think it’s great that you recognise the need to change things up. Could you try shuffling things around to follow the program while still fitting in the things that you want?

  2. Your doing a great job sometimes it all really is too hard, though people continue to say it’s what you do with the mistakes that make a difference!
    How was your cook up today?

    • No chocolate or ice cream so far, and sticking to 1500 cals but I took the day off on Monday because I was so tired from the Bridge to Brisbane (slack, I know). I went to the gym today but not until later in the day, oops. I’ll keep working on that. Tomorrow is a bit of an awkward day because it’s core and stretch day on L&S so I have to decide which yoga/body balance class I want to go to and there aren’t any in the morning.

      Thursday morning will be the real test. Have a great day tomorrow x

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