Bridge to Brisbane

What a morning!

I ran/jogged (I didn’t even have to shuffle!) the whole 10km!! I was so nervous waiting to start in the morning but it went so much better than I could have imagined.

I actually participated in the Bridge to Brisbane last year because my workplace at the time was paying for people to enter and a group of co-workers were going (assuring me they would be walking). I ended up walking with a couple of girls who wanted to jog on and off as well; I didn’t want to be left alone so I joined them and even though the bursts of jogging were short, I was in pain, out of breath and unfit.

In addition, before today I had never run a course over 4km and I had never run for over half an hour straight. When I first started the 12WBT last round I struggled to run for 1:30 mins.

Today I just couldn’t get the smile off my face for most of the run, I just felt amazing. I was able to borrow an arm band from a friend (I really want to buy one now, it was so convenient for music and for storage) and my new over-ear earphones made for the most comfortable “sound-tracked” run I’ve ever had.

Carol mentioned to me that she doesn’t like to run to music as she feels like she has to slow down or speed up her pace to match the music. I thought about this before starting the run and decided to try to think of the music as something to enjoy while focusing on keeping an even pace. I feel like this really helped, in the past I have gone for high-tempo songs but I enjoyed the mix of mellow and fast-paced while focusing on my pace. I think that the weights training has really helped with my running as well, stronger muscles and all that.

I feel like maybe I could have tried to go harder towards the end but really I was just focused on being able to go for the whole distance and I didn’t want to burn myself out. Finishing was actually really weird; after focusing on “just keep running” for so long and then speeding up for the last stretch (maybe 20 metres), stopping just made my legs feel like jelly.

I’m pretty tired now, and the sides of my knees are a bit sore, but I’m still elated; it was incredible.

I didn’t get any photos because my phone was firmly tucked away and I was by myself but there were photographers along the course. Hopefully my race number will be tagged in a couple on the website soon and if so, I will post them up.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement! I was running alone but felt so supported and like I had a whole team behind me.

Next up… Half marathon?

~ energyandEmily


Photos as promised!

They’re not much but they’re something! I’m pretty sure they were taken in the last stretch near the finish line and I actually have a photo from the same place last year:

281882_10151219814601803_746329053_nI’m the one on the far right of the three girls in black; it’s a blurry photo but I think you can really see a difference.

~ energyandEmily


23 thoughts on “Bridge to Brisbane

  1. So brilliant! Congratulations and well done! This makes me just want to go out and run 10km tomorrow! But I’ll see my course through to the end 😀 Hey, what earphones did you get??

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  3. Oh this just makes me so happy reading this. It looks like a great day for it, I wonder how many runners there were, was that reported anywhere? It’s like running in a big fraternity, people are so encouraging, being either other runners or people watching along the route. It’s such an emotional feeling, I have been in tears a few times on fun runs, not from pain, but from an overwhelming feeling of excitement, achievement, belonging even.

    They cost a fortune but make sure you buy one of the photos as a great keepsake. Must admit though Emily you did let me down that there were no selfies!!!!! Hahahaha

    Now can we get back to the music, so when you were listening, you didn’t feel the need ( or your feet didn’t automatically) to run to the beat of the music then? You just paced however you paced and the music just played in the background? Is that how it happened? Maybe I need to give this another go.

    Great job, and sorry for such a long comment! Ha

    • No need to apologise! I love long comments 🙂 I looked it up and apparently there was more than 40,000 people!! That’s crazy! I didn’t really interact with anyone else but there was a great vibe and I had that same feeling of being overwhelmed with emotion a few times; it was such a weird and wonderful morning.

      Ahh I’m sorry, I need to remember to take more selfies for you Carol!

      Also, yeah! That’s what I did! When I first started running on my own last round I sort of used music as motivation to run faster/further. However, on Sunday I just had a bit of a mix of different types of music and I really focused on keeping the same pace and having the music as entertainment rather than motivation and it was really nice 🙂 I’d love to hear about it if you give it a go again!

  4. Great work! Nice to have photos to compare, but also to remember how different you felt this year to last year. When are you doing your half marathon then?? I was going to do the gold coast half this year, but ended up pulling out cos I just couldn’t get into training without my knees killing me!! But it’s still a dream??

      • I think Gold Coast is 1st weekend of July each year?? Perhaps one day, when I can actually run more than a km without pain!! But if you do go in one I’ll come and cheer you on!!

  5. Wow Emily what an awesome achievement well done you rock! You can definitely do a half marathon! Some 30+ crew from 12wbt are doing the half marathon in July 2014 on the gold coast and some are even doing the full! I am thinking about doing the half myself but not sure if I will be ready in time but if not I will do the 10k 🙂

  6. Fantastic work Emily! I’ve yet to do a fun run of any distance, despite being able to run 10k by myself. I think I’m intimidated by everyone else! I just have to mention, that zebra jumper you own, I have one a lot like it but slightly different, from Portmans! I will have to post a pic sometime! Where is yours from? And also, you can get armbands SUPER cheap on ebay. My armband looks pretty much identical to this one: and has done the job perfectly for $2.49 inc postage!

    • Thank you! This was my first proper run but there are lots of different ones that you could try out. I just saw that you live in Victoria and if you live close to Melbourne there is a Colour Run there in November which is very much a fun/social run that you could do with friends. Also It was a very uplifting experience; I was happy being in my own little world but I felt like I was running alongside everyone else and everyone was there for essentially the same reason, and not to judge. Could you even reach out to your local community (or your local 12WBT community) to find a running buddy?

      Awesome news about your zebra jumper! They are the best! My mum actually owns a wholesale fashion business so I bought it through there. I would love to see a picture of yours 😀

      THANK YOU for the link and the recommendation! That’s such a good price!

  7. I would’ve LOVED to do the Colour Run but unfortunately it is on the day I fly to Fiji for a short getaway! I tried to make it so I could do both, but it just wasn’t possible. I’ll have to keep my eye out for other fun runs 🙂 I’m not sure I want a running buddy….I definitely couldn’t talk while running so I would feel very anti-social running alongside someone not communicating! I promise to post a pic of my zebra jumper post-exams 🙂

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve just started this round of 12wbt (learn to run program.) It has been many years since I’ve run. I too dislike running to music because it puts me off my pace. I find I run to fast or too slow depending on the song playing. So have been using Podrunners and it keeps me in the running zone. Also on armbands….last month I invested in an arm band and I must say I love it. The freedom! I purchased an arm pocket. It’s not as compact as other arm bands and cost more than some on ebay, but I love, love it. I did a lot of research and checked up utube reviews and decided to go with the arm pocket, fits my iphone, keycards, money, house or car keys (bulking car key.)

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