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n. pl. -gies

1. The capacity for vigorous activity; available power.
2. A feeling of having an adequate or abundant amount of such power.
3. Often energies. an exertion of such power; effort.
4. The habit of vigorous activity; vigour.
5. The ability to act, lead others, or effect things forcefully.
6. Forcefulness of expression.
7. Physics. the capacity to do work. Symbol: E
8. A source of usable power, as fossil fuel or electricity.



1. 22 year old girl (who keeps forgetting she’s not 23).
2. Living with boyfriend; Hugh.
3. Whovian.
4. Recently started university – another step in my long journey to find “the career”.
5. Interested in photography and a total foodie – so expect pictures and recipes!
6. 8kg 11kg to lose; no cheating, no slacking.

I’ve started this blog to track my progress and to keep me on track during the 12WBT.

I’m keen to share this journey, so say hello some time!


9 thoughts on “| About |

  1. Loving your posts, fabulous photos too. I’m not sure how to comment on each individual post. Love your inspiration board too. Keep up the great work and terrific blogging.

    • Thank you very much! I used to do a lot of food photography as a hobby and really loved it but then I just got caught up doing other things (working, etc). It’s been over a year now since I stopped taking photos pretty much every day. Also I’m a student now and I’m loving that the 12WBT has given me a bit of an outlet/excuse to start up again.

      At the bottom of every post is a link that says “Comment” I think, or “x Comments”. Just click on that and you will be directed to a page with the individual post and a comment section. Either way, I really appreciate your comments 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’ve actually changed my goal weight to 60 now haha! Will explain in my next weekly overview but basically I chose 65 off a bit of a whim and then I thought “What about when I get to 65? What then?” So I changed it to 63 (which is where 8kg came from) and now I’m thinking I could even get to 60. It is still within healthy weight range, so why not give it a shot!

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