Week Two in Review

Week Two was a weird week; firstly, it feels like I just blinked and now it’s over. I think between the week starting on Monday, weigh-in on Wednesday, new plans on Thursday, Food Photo Friday, SSS on Saturday and rest day on Sunday there is always something happening and something to look forward to (sorry Tuesday, I guess you’re a bit boring). Also, this week something in the air changed, last week I was pumped, nervous, anxious, unsure about whether I could get through 6 days of exercising and unsure about how my 12WBT experience would play out. This week, well… I had already done it. I had already survived six workouts and seven days of eating from the meal plan, what was there to be scared about? It was still hard, it was still tiring, but it felt sort of normal, “Work out time? Let’s get going.”

My big positives for the week:

  • I’ve recently mentioned my love for baked beans and I’m still pretty happy that I get to eat them so often. Baked beans on toast with baby spinach has probably been my favourite 12WBT breakfast so far.
  • I lost 2.4kg in the Wednesday weigh-in this week, bringing my weight down to 67.4!!! As a result, I have changed my goal weight to 60kg and I have finally been able to decide on my mini-milestones which I will talk about below.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday workouts. What can I say? I like cardio.
  • I managed to not injure myself this week, always a plus.
  • The one thing that I have been craving this week can only be bought from the corner store on the far side of my uni campus; positioning win.
  • I’m still not sure if this is all in my head or not but I’ve found that I’ve needed my glasses less this week. I was only prescribed glasses a couple of months ago; my eyes are misaligned and I was finding it really hard to focus on things, especially text, which was making me really tired and straining my eyes. The other day I decided that I might just leave them off until I felt like I needed to wear them (thinking that would take half an hour or so), before I knew it, it was the end of the day and I hadn’t thought about them. Normally I would start to really struggle to read things on the computer because the words would all start to mush together. It’s weird but there’s a possibility that being fitter/healthier has had an impact on my vision. Interesting to think about.
  • Oh! You will be glad to know that my glutes have settled down and I have been able to resume my usual toilet-sitting gracefulness.

I had a particularly nerdy moment at uni this week that I really want share with you all. I was in my Marketing tute and my teacher was telling us that he had already finished marking our assignments but that we probably wouldn’t get our results until next week. He told us that everyone has passed (always good to hear), and that there were a lot of 5’s, a few 6’s and one 7. We’ve all been here. “I wonder who the over-achiever is that got the 7.” Class continued and at the very end my teacher asked me to stay behind for a minute. I was the one 7. The assignments get cross-marked so it might not be my final score for the assignment but I WAS THE OVER-ACHIEVER WHO GOT THE 7. Eek!

Lastly, my sister takes a lot of photos at family events; I take photos of food, she takes photos of people (and our dog). It’s how we roll. The first photo below is from Mother’s Day this year and the second is from yesterday. Photos will always be a bit different but I think you can really tell a difference in my face – and Mother’s Day was only two weeks ago, right?


965008_10151434515564397_1559476960_o(https://www.facebook.com/laurenlostblog?fref=ts )

In other news:

  • There is an unfortunate side-effect to eating baked beans. I don’t think I need to say it, we all know. I’m not going to blame this just on my baked beans as a few people on the forums have been experiencing the same problem.  I imagine it’s something to do with the fibre/exercise as well, I’m prepared to ride it out.
  • On Thursday I was really weak and fainty during the workout. I got through it all but I felt really odd.
  • This week it was my arms that were sore, they were on fire on Friday. Damn weekly challenge!
  • I slacked off on study a bit this week. Exams are in two weeks Emily!!
  • Some nights after a hot dinner and tea, I just feel a bit fat. It’s okay though, it’s probably good to be reminded that I’m not quite there yet.

This week a few things have fallen into the in-between category:

  • My mood has been improving, I would like to report that  I have not had any hunger/tiredness/12WBT-related bouts of moodiness this week. However, earlier in the week I was a feeling a bit off and might have started a fight with Hugh. Nothing major, we never really fight about anything important but I just ended up getting really upset and I cried harder and longer than I have in a long time. From what I’ve been reading on other people’s blogs/in the forums, I think that this week was emotional for a lot of people, just our bodies trying to figure things out I think. I’m glad to report that since then I have been feeling really good, better than I have for a while. Let’s hope things stay this way.
  • I’ve noticed that my muscles are behaving more this week, as in, when I’m working my abs, my abs hurt, when I’m working my arms, my arms hurt and so on. In addition to this, I think I actually understand wall slides now… and they actually hurt.
  • I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Core and Flexibility day. I’ve heard a few people saying that it’s the easy day, are you kidding me? Core stuff hurts and all you can do is hang out there, holding yourself up and thinking about the pain. However, I really like the stretching, it hurts about as much as the exercises for me but I love that during the sixty second hold you can actually feel your muscles release. I think it’s a great time to really stop and stretch properly.

Week 2 Challenge: Do 300 Push ups!

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: 75
Thursday: 75
Friday: 50
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 100

Total: 300/300

I told you guys last week how much I dislike push ups so this challenge was either just what I needed or just what I didn’t haha. We procrastinated doing them over Monday and Tuesday then I realised that the least painful way to get through them was to, y’know, start already. I wanted to get them done before Sunday so that we could have a proper day off but we were so tired on Saturday that we ended up not doing any at all, and then doing 100 on Sunday. I’m really proud of us for getting through the SSS, even if we did come home, eat and nap afterwards.

I still don’t particularly like push ups but I think that my technique and resistance have improved over the week. My biggest problem is that when I get too low my elbows kind of pop and cause this dull, uncomfortable pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

I will be keeping track of my current Weekly Challenges in my side bar (if applicable), and I will be making a “Weekly Challenges” page soon to keep all of the results in.

Red Flag Days:

Today we had a family lunch which turned out to be a bigger red flag than I had anticipated. My mum is overseas for work so I made sure to get there a bit earlier than usual to help my aunty with chopping/cooking, etc. As the morning progressed I got to see everything slowly coming together and realised, “I can’t really eat most of this.” My family is quite healthy but most things that weren’t salad either had cream, or sauce, or pastry involved. I also realised just how much I normally would have eaten. There would have been a little bit of everything on my plate, plus sauce, plus my sister’s famous rocky road, and cake. Nothing too excessive, but a lot of extra calories.

In the end, I was never going to calorie count everything, I just tried to make the best decisions possible with what was in front of me and go for small portion sizes. I ended up having two types of salad, a piece of quiche and a sausage. I avoided the homemade sausage rolls, potatoes with cheese, deviled eggs and having seconds.

I feel like I should feel guilty about the following, but I don’t, nor do I feel like I need to defend myself but I’m going to anyway. Staying accountable and all that. I shared a piece of mud cake with Hugh, I had about a third. It was a birthday cake, and yes, to some extent it was probably because of the habit of having cake at birthdays but I know that it wasn’t because I needed dessert, it wasn’t because “I have been good, I deserve it,” nothing like that. I wasn’t craving the cake, I wasn’t breaking out in a sweat, I simply said to Hugh, “I would like to have some cake, can we share a piece?”

I know that it’s only two weeks in so it doesn’t fully apply here but I watched Michelle’s mindset video when I got home and she mentioned that eventually we will get to a point where we can be happy to have a piece of pizza with salad as a treat, not a whole pizza and a half. I feel like the cake was sort of along those lines. I didn’t have a whole a whole piece, just a few bites and I wasn’t tempted by other desserts such as the aforementioned rocky road or my cousin’s caramel, macadamia, chocolate slice.

I had a piece of vegemite toast for breakfast and the Beef Fajita with Capsicum & Red Onion without the fajita for dinner. If I went over on calories today it wasn’t by much and I definitely don’t feel like I’ve cheated myself or “fallen off” any bandwagons.

Anyway, there you have it. On we go.

Mini Milestones:

Now that I have changed my goal weight down to 60kg and had a good think about some rewards, my milestones/rewards are as follows:

If I can run non-stop for 1km in the upcoming Mini Milestone week: A massage.
When I reach 63kg (original goal weight): New pair of jeans.
When I reach 60kg (goal weight): Buy a custom digital portrait from one of my favourite artists who has recently started offering them @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/MeganLaraArt
When the 12WBT finishes: A photo shoot with my sister.

That’s it for now, and I’m fairly happy with my little list.

I would like to go to the 12WBT finale party but I’m not yet sure if we will be able to.

Favourite Meals:

I had this part all neatly planned out and then we had those beef fajitas, even without the fajita it was delicious. If you’re into beef and haven’t tried them yet… they are wow. Other than this, Hugh loved the Laksa, though we substituted the seafood for chicken, I thought it was really nice. We did the same with the Cajun Fish Stew which was tasty, hearty and a good portion size, I liked this one more than Hugh did though. Also… baked beans (have I talked about them enough yet?).

My favourite forum topics from Week Two:

  • C’mon people, time to embrace your secret ‘shallow’ reasons for wanting to lose weight
  • WEEK TWO!!! The No Scale weigh in!!!! Add yours here!!!!
  • Old habits

If you want to check them out just go to the forum page on the 12WBT site and type the above titles into the search bar.

Overall it was another good week for me, I hope it was for you too.

My goals for this week:

  • Study!! Exams are two weeks away!
  • 800 step ups for the Week Three Weekly Challenge.

Can you tell me about some of your positives and negatives from Week Two?

How did your Weekly Challenge go?

Any Red Flag days?

Are you eating baked beans?

Let me know!

~ energyandEmily