Finale – Round 2

Okay! I’ve just gotten home from Adelaide and I need to write this post before bed!


Thank you, all of you beautiful, incredible people. Thank you so much to anyone who nominated me as their 12WBT Hero, and thank you to anyone who has ever read or commented; anyone who has shared their story, and anyone who has supported their fellow 12WBTers. I have so much respect for all of my fellow bloggers; without blowing my own horn, it takes so much to put it all out there in the universe, on your blogs, and you have all inspired me so much with your stories and your journeys and it has been an absolute honour getting to know you.

I haven’t watched the finale video yet and I’m excited but also very nervous to. I hope that my answer/speech essentially came out like the above because despite bumbling my way through it, I was trying to show you all my love.

Also, please tell me someone picked up the baked beans reference?

The weekend was absolutely amazing from start to finish and it just flew by. There was so much energy in the room on Saturday night and I’m still buzzing from it. The set up was gorgeous, I was blown away by the food, and I thought that the black theme was absolutely perfect. Everyone looked so glamourous.

Meeting Mish was amazing, she is just as beautiful in real life as in all of her videos. We only got a chance to talk briefly but she was lovely. And her TEAM, oh my gosh. All of her girls are absolutely beautiful, friendly and encouraging. I was able to have a really nice chat with Erica, Kim, Lisa and Larah. Erica was the beautiful lady helping me down the white carpet/runway.

If anyone would like to know, the little white box we were given was this…

photo (11)

The craziest thing is that this photo was taken only about an hour and a half beforehand so we were all completely surprised!

It was amazing to be able to meet some of my fellow bloggers, including Transfer & Transform, No longer fit and fat, just fitYesUCanKat, HealthyChelsea, I Guess I Rock This Dress and CocoButter. I met so many other people that I’ve seen on the forums and on Facebook as well, it was incredible. I can’t wait to be able to meet all of you one day!!

Also, I’m sorry if I missed anyone! It has just been the biggest weekend.

Here are just a few photos from the night which I posted on Facebook:

There will be more to come as well!

I need to run off to bed now but thank you all again, for everything.

Round 3 is going to be awesome.

~ energyandEmily


This Chick’s Week Six

It’s been a strange week. I ended up spending most of the first half of the week sleeping; one day I actually woke up at around 2pm, felt tired and annoyed, and went back to sleep at about 8pm, missing my workout for the day. I did do all of my other workouts though but they were pretty much the only productive thing I managed to do until Saturday, and I spent most of the week stressing about how little I was doing, despite all of my grand plans for the uni holidays. I think that exams took more out of me than I was expecting.

However, I do feel like I have really gotten my stride back over the last few days and Week Seven promises to be much more productive.

Also I still managed some big positives for Week Six:

  • I lost 1kg in the Wednesday weigh-in this week! This means that I have reached my halfway mark and then some, which seems like perfect timing. I now realise that I was probably a little bit too harsh on myself in Week Five.
  • I have worn my high-top Converse out twice without jeans covering my legs up and I felt like I was rocking it!
  • My Monday run.
  • We had dinner with my family early in the week and made the Meat and Vege Lasagne and everyone loved it! I did make two, and theirs had a little bit of extra pasta/cheese but I still thought it was a little win that everyone loved the flavours.
  • Hugh was away over the weekend and I did my first solo SSS!
  • I may have stopped halfway through said SSS when the song “Footloose” started playing and danced all around the lounge room. It was great.
  • Afterwards I had a bubble bath, and used a mud-mask for the first time. It was a strange feeling when it went all hard but the skin on my face is all nice now. Also I think it was good for me to have some alone time for a night.
  • We bought a couple of non-stick pans last week and oh my gosh! Cooking has never been so easy!
  • Hugh skipped breakfast one day and was starving by the afternoon, insisting that he wanted to have KFC. All good, he can do what he wants. He couldn’t even finish his burger he said that it was so greasy and yuck! Haha!
  • I realised that I’m proud of myself, like I know that I have worked hard for my body/health and I feel like I would happily take a compliment with a smile and a, “Thanks! I worked my butt off for this!”
  • I tagged along on a shopping trip with my mum and her friend, I wasn’t expecting to buy anything but then I found the cutest jumper:

1045174_10201400497755883_263967048_nThe Zebras have little fringes that actually move around!

In other news:

  • I remember that I was feeling so drained at the beginning of my workout on Thursday that I actually said to Hugh, “My body feels depressed.” It was tough to push through but I felt better afterwards, and I actually think that workout was the turning point for my week.
  • I’ve noticed that I’m swimming in my clothes a little bit, they still fit but they’re a bit baggy. This is a good thing but I don’t want to get too many new things yet!
  • I did exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds of the planking challenge and then promptly forgot that it existed. I haven’t really been focused on the challenges for the last couple of weeks; I would like to give the Week Seven one a good crack but we’ll see.

Favourite Meals


Chicken Tikka Curry with Cauliflower Mash times one million! We added a bit of Cayenne Pepper to the sauce which gave it a really great kick but overall it was just an absolutely delicious dish. We literally licked our plates/spoons/wok clean… hey! We are two mature adults… and no one else was around! We have customised it into this week’s menu as well.

We gave the Apple Tart a try; it was a nice little dessert (that photographed really well!)

week6-5Due to my lack of preparation I was left to create Saturday dinner with a mixture of unused breakfast items. These scrambled eggs were absolutely gorgeous. I used the Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus and Garlic Mushrooms recipe but exchanged the ricotta with feta, and parsley with coriander. I also ditched the second piece of toast in favour of smoked salmon; we had used all of our mushrooms for the lasagne without even realising! It was delicious and I am looking forward to trying it again with the correct ingredients!

Finale Party

Earlier in the week we checked flight prices to Adelaide; they were cheaper than we were expecting so we decided that we were definitely going to be able to go, booking flights and accommodation. Surprise, surprise, the tickets came on sale days later! THEN… I found my outfit!! I was going to start looking for it much closer to the date of the finale but I found it when I was with my mum and her friend and yeah!! I love it. It was good too because I tried on the size 12 and it fit quite well but some bits here and there were a little bit too loose. I then tried on the 10, a much better fit but now tight in a couple of areas which means that there is room for me to lose the extra few kilos! Mostly off my little front pouch.

I’m nervous and excited but also need to remember that there is still a lot more work to do, we’re only halfway through!

Are you going to the finale? I’m really looking forward to catching up with some of my fellow bloggers. Please let me know if you will be there!

Week Seven stuff:

  • Giving the Weekly Challenge a good shot!
  • Picnic with Hugh, celebrating three years since “making it official”!!!
  • Driving to, and hanging out in, Sydney.
  • Completing all six workouts – even though we’re on the road all day Friday!
  • Finishing off and sending my Pen Pal package.
  • A bunch of other random things.

We’re taking Cupcake Quiches and corn thins with us on our roadtrip, can you think of anything else we should take?

Lastly, I have a request… some time this week put on “Footloose” and have a dance!

~ energyandEmily