I’m Choosing My “Hard”

I have been fearing that my old habits will return. I think the biggest trigger for this is that I feel like I’ve been here before; as previously mentioned, I have worked on my body and fitness for longer periods than 12 weeks in the past and have then decided, “I feel okay now, that’s enough.” This time though, I feel like Michelle really has “given me the tools” to lead an active, healthy and informed life. I don’t want to go back to being unfit, unhealthy and unhappy, I’m sick of constantly yo-yoing and hating myself. I love feeling strong and I don’t feel as though I am deprived of the things that I want.

I have been fearing that my old habits will return, and I’m not perfect, but with every day I feel like I’m shifting my thinking and solidifying this new lifestyle.

In her most recent Live Chat Michele answered a question from a fellow 12WBTer, “Is there ever a point where eating well and exercising becomes ‘easy’?” I’m not going to go into Michelle’s reply, if you haven’t watched the video you should give it a look-see. However, a key quote for me was, “Is there ever a point that life becomes easy?”

This is actually something that I have been thinking about a bit lately.

The idea of “hard”.

I’m reminded of a quote that I read a little while ago while I was putting together my inspiration board for the first Weekly Challenge:

“Losing weight is hard,
Maintaining weight is hard,
Staying fat is hard;

Choose your hard.”

It wasn’t my favourite quote at the time but it resonated with me.

It was hard to be me six weeks ago, not liking my body and always feeling insecure, hiding behind baggy clothes and hoping that no one looked at me. It’s hard now too; I get hungry, sore, tired, and this whole 12WBT gig takes a lot of effort but I swear that it is worth every inch of it.

I know that I always make a big deal about the times when I do my workout sessions alone, and I know that most of you do them alone every day. I admire you all so much for that. You must be so strong. I always talk about my solo sessions because that’s when I really notice just how strong I am getting, both physically and mentally. I was doing my SSS alone on Saturday just passed and I remember that I was doing the walking lunges (hands in the air) and my legs were hurting so much but I was pushing through it and I realised…

I’ve chosen my hard.

~ energyandEmily


This Girl is on Fire

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”


We had planned to go for our Monday running session when Hugh got home from work tonight, which would have been about 10.30 (I know, I’m no good with this curfew thing). However, at about 9.30 I was sitting at my computer reading through quotes on Pinterest (being super productive, basically), not all of which were typically inspirational but some were quite thought-provoking, and suddenly I had this itch. I just wanted to go for that run right then and there, I wanted to get my week started, and I felt like proving something to myself.

I thought that I would be able to run to where Hugh parks his car for work and give him a nice surprise; I knew that he would be happy as he really dislikes running. Also I figured that it was still early enough to be fairly safe running on my own along main roads.

I headed out with music streaming from my phone, and it was cold and crisp and absolutely exhilarating!

At one point I was running and listening to “Girl On Fire” and I was her; I was just a girl and I was on fire.

Hugh called me to let me know that he had finished work just as I was finishing my session, 4km of running/walking. He was very surprised but also really proud, I finished off my sprints while he was walking to the carpark, and he sent me a text, “You’re incredible!”

And I felt it.

~ energyandEmily

Weekly Challenge #1

Week 1 Challenge: Create an Inspiration Board

This is what I have come up with!

You can click on any of the images to make them bigger. None of these images are my own but each one really resonates with me. If you would like to pin these to your own board or find the original sources please head over to my 12WBT Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/emily_bee/my-12wbt/ .

Have you made your inspiration board yet?

I would love to see what you’ve put together!

~ encouragementandEmily