Saturday @ the Markets

I really like going to fruit and vegetable markets. Hugh and I have been going to the Brisbane MarketPlace Rocklea for quite a while now but every now and then we will miss a week, and then maybe two weeks, and then three, and so on. I have made it a goal for us to go to the markets every Saturday while on the 12WBT.  I would like to share my market-going experience because I have noticed that a lot of people on the forums have been talking about their surprise at the high cost of their 12WBT grocery bill and I know that going to the markets has always helped us to keep our food costs down.  I know that many people might not be able to go to their local markets, or they might not even have local markets but I’d like to just give an insight into what they’re about and if you do live near some I might be able persuade you to check them out.

So this morning, armed with three large, cloth, grocery bags, my boyfriend, my 12WBT shopping list, a pen, and my rather conspicuous camera… I went shopping.

Click on any of the pics to see more detail and, if you’re lucky, a short description.

The last picture in the gallery is our loot for the morning, consisting of the majority of our fruit and vegetables for the coming 12WBT week, totaling $44 exactly (not including the coffees). Not too shabby! One thing we have noticed is that our mixed lettuce from the supermarket lasts a bit longer so we do pick that up when we go there.

There are a lot of other stalls as well, some with bakery items, some with Greek yogurt, knitted things, and even dog chewables (the things you actually want them to chew, I mean). The coffee shop that I have a photo of up there does nice coffee and is in the “food-court area” of the markets. There isn’t much there to eat that  is healthy though, with German sausages (which Hugh really likes) and deep fried bits and pieces so I didn’t take any pictures of those shops.

Lastly, in my experience people tend to think that going to the fruit and veg markets means waking up at some ungodly hour in the morning but a lot of markets will close as late as 1pm. We usually like to go around 9 but this morning we ended up getting there at more like 11.

I hope that you  have enjoyed my little snapshot of the Rocklea markets and I hope that maybe I’ve convinced you to give your local markets a visit.

Over the next 12 weeks I’m hoping to go to as many of the markets around the greater Brisbane area as I (we) can and try to give a little overview of each one. We haven’t been to all of them ourselves so it will be a good learning experience for us as well.

Do you already go to your local markets?

Do you have any other cost saving tips?

~ experiencesandEmily