Don’t Worry, Get Appy!

Just jumping on for a short post tonight. I had an appointment with one of the counselors at my university this afternoon to talk through some anxiety that I have been having. It turns out that I don’t have any serious psychological issues, which is always good to know. However, I have some social anxiety, which is apparently a result of having pretty much the same thoughts that everyone has (who knew?) but letting them hang around and thinking about them too much.

It would appear that I have been engaging in a fair amount of negative self talk (unrelated to the 12WBT).

So I have been set my own personal challenge for the next three weeks. The counselor I talked to wants me to write down my thoughts; just a few a day, anything that I think is significant, even positive ones. I’m a little bit unsure how it’s going to work because I don’t know how to think about things and then go “oh I thought about something! I had better write it down!” but I like to write and I talk to Hugh about pretty much everything so he is going to help me out with it too. He told me that if I say something negative or positive that he thinks is worth it he will let me know…

“I like toast.”
“Write it down!”

Additionally, I was given some information sheets on Stress Management the other day at uni because of exams; one of them was titled, “Don’t Worry, Get Appy!” and had a list of free apps for dealing with stress. I have had a look at them and thought that I would share the ones that I really like:

“Smiling Mind” and “Moodlytics”. Smiling Mind is a simple Mindfulness Meditation app that has weekly and daily sessions, allows you to choose meditations from 7  to 45 minutes in length, and records how many minutes you have spent meditating.

Moodlytics is a fun little app that tracks your moods, and allows you to build a visual profile of your mood and set goals for happiness. I particularly love the idea behind this one, it’s almost the same as an app that tracks your calories but instead it tracks your moods and gives you a chance to reflect on them.

Both have been rated very highly on iTunes. Moodlytics is also available on Android.

I’m glad that I have had an opportunity to talk through some thoughts, I really want to be healthier now, both for my body and for my mind. I actually mentioned the program to the counselor and told her that being able to encourage other people has had a good effect on me, so thank you for that.

I hope that you have all been having a good week.

~ energyandEmily